Glassblowers for five generations

Our mission : to be a stable family company with expertise that develops and manufactures quality customized glassware for its customers

Welcome at Pierreglas

Pierreglas is a glassblowing company that has been up and running since 1914. The company is led by Sonia Ruymaekers, Emmanuel, Virginie and Mélanie Pierre, all glassblowers by profession, and Stéphanie Pierre.

In the glass industry we play a role only at the very last stage of the manufacturing process. We process ordinary glass, borosilicate glass 3.3 or quartz glass, which is delivered to us as glass tubes, rods, sheets, pressed glass, etc. In our workplace we work through glass ... Read more

Borosilicate glass 3.3 glassware

We don't process raw material like paste in fusion, but finished or semi-finished pieces, that... Read more


This implies diverse processes to apply markings of different colours on the surface of the... Read more


In addition to the activities in glass processing, our company has the necessary experience in... Read more

Serial production

Thanks to the use of machines, all the pieces that we manufacture can be produced in series. In... Read more


Coldworking 1 is mainly executed using diamond tools, sand paper and sand powder, as well as a... Read more

Quartz glass work

At the table or bench burner we manufacture quartz glass from tubes or sheets.Thanks to its very... Read more

Repair work

The advantage of glass or quartz glass pieces is that they can be repaired or transformed... Read more

Coating of glass work

Depending on the final application of the glasswork, we can treat the glass surface in several... Read more